Digital Twins

A Digital Twin is a real time representation and integration solution that provides a secure point of interaction and integration for your building assets allowing you to truly optimize from the ground floor to the top floor and all of the business processes in-between 

Secure real time integration

ERP Systems
Booking  Systems
Life Safety
Building Automation
Vendor Management
Analytics & SaaS 
Operational Technologies
Information Technologies

Your physical asset remains secure, tuned and up to date

Physical Asset
Digital Twin 

Your digitized asset breaks down silos and becomes the secure central integration and interaction point

Connect all OT and IT systems into one secure location giving the foundation of your asset's digital transformation

Utilizing a digital twin all connected system data is historically logged to be leveraged and referenced at any time across any system

Central platform to interact with your asset across all systems backed by an active directory management ensuring secure access and viewing 

Utilize managed services to remotely support your asset and organization

Leverage all of your data and integration possibilities to reduce energy consumption and carbon emmissions for your organization

leverage data applications across all connected systems to find CAPEX and OPEX reduction opportunities