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Building Operations Center Services

Through our BOC ECSGS offers a range of managed services for your asset ensuring everything is continuously monitored, tuned, and repaired via our expert certified team of building operations engineers

Digital Twin Creation

Real Time data collection/logging

OT/IT Integration and control

Digital twin model provides a secure central point of access and interaction to all building systems, software and more...

Secure managed monitored access 

real time data securely packaged and provided to the BOC 

Certified Approved Field Vendors


If asset issues cannot be resolved remotely the appropriate approved certified vendor receives a work ticket with detailed resolution report. BOC works with vendors to accomplish issue resolutions 


Building Operations Center

Work tickets

The Building Operations Center is staffed 24/7 to assist you in managing all aspects of your building and providing remote issue resolution as well as expert advice on ROI backed OT/IT solutions

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